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Your co-op or affinity group already has lots of ways to communicate online. So why is it so hard to make consensus decisions between meetings?

InterTwinkles is a platform built from the ground up to help small democratic groups to do process online. It provides structure to improve the efficiency of specific communication tasks like brainstorming and proposals.


Points of Unity
Agreements, principles, or shared values between members of your group.
Structured brainstorming with sticky notes. Come up with new ideas
Go arounds, ice breakers, intros. Get to know each other
Progressive Clock
Timekeeping of meetings by identity category.
Public or private real-time document editing with etherpads
Approve or reject a proposal with a group. Asynchronous voting and revising proposals

How it works

You can try out and use any of the tools above without signing in right now. Go for it.

If you'd like to be able to search through your work and keep track of the things your group is working on, (registration is automatic) and set up your group. See Getting Started for more.


  • Real-time, collaborative editing. Everyone can work at the same time, or on their own schedules.
  • Flexible permissions – share just with your group, or make things public for specific time periods.
  • Integrated search
  • See who in your group has been active, and who hasn't

Get involved

  • We're running a series of free workshops from March to June of 2013 teaching groups about how to use these tools effectively. Contact us to schedule your group in.
  • We're building documentation about best practices that groups are learning for online communication. Have an experience to share? Join us!
  • Are you a developer? You can help with hacking on the code, running your own instance of InterTwinkles, and writing plugins to implement radical new structured communication strategies.
  • Join the design mailing list to talk about new ideas.
  • Follow us on twitter, and check out our blog!